Please help us help the children of Scott County by donating to our club. The more funding we have, the more children we will be able to help to become the future leaders in our community.

We have established a 4-tier donation program which recognizes our most generous donors at our annual Tom Sears Memorial Pancake Breakfast as well as other events throughout the year. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply let us know when you complete the form.

These are our 4 tiers of donations:

1.    Century Club – ($100 Donation) 

•    Business/Name listed on Tent Cards on every table
•    Business/name listed on PowerPoint slideshow during Pancake Breakfast
•    Business/Name to be displayed on Kiwanis Event Poster at All Kiwanis Events throughout the year
•    Newspaper mention after pancake breakfast

2.    Bronze Level – ($250 Donation)

•    Century Club Package - 
•    Business Name and Logo ¼ page ad on PowerPoint Slideshow

3.    Silver Level - ($500 Donation)

•    Bronze Level Package - 
•    Automatic Placemat Ad
•    1 month Advertising on Kiwanis Web Site
•    Thank you mention on Local Cable Access Channel

4.    Gold Level – ($750+ Donation)

•    Silver Package - 
•    3 months Advertising on Kiwanis Web Site
•    Lexington TV noontime news mention
•    Major Sponsorship and logo on all media materials


The above tiers are just examples of how you can be recognized for your generous giving. It is not intended to imply that you HAVE to give at one of those levels. Scott County Kiwanis Club will take any and all donations, no matter how large or small. This is where you can make a donation in any amount that you feel is right for you. Any information obtained by Paypal to complete this transaction, will be kept in confidence and will NOT be shared with ANYONE.



For information on purchasing an ad on our pancake breakfast placemat, Click Here